Humble beginnings

Life is simply better at the lake – from jumping off the dock to spending time with family and friends and floating the day away.  When you’re on lake time, everything relaxes.  It’s a breath of fresh air and a break from the hustle of everyday life.
Our lake adventures began early.  We grew up going to my grandparent’s cabin on Norway Lake during the summer.  Now, my family is fortunate to share the same experiences with the next generation.  Distance keeps me from the lake on a regular basis, but as they say,  home is where the heart is.
Minnesota Lake Shop Clothing Co. is for local lake enthusiasts who share the love of swimming, boating, loon-spotting and wet dogs, all united by their version of lake life.  This lifestyle brand concept is being realized after many years of daydreaming about products, branding, designs and, most importantly, capturing the essence of the lake life. 
Here’s to embracing the summer’s adventures, lakeside walks, suntanned skin and campfires. 
Live . Love . Lake